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Dear World, Hello….. Warmly, Us.

Hello, World! We’re Warmly, (yes, that’s Warmly with a comma).

Max Greenwald
Co-founder & CEO

Warmly, helps businesses leverage their least recognized and understood assets — their customers. Customers are the center-point of what makes a business go round yet businesses tend to neglect their existing customers once they’ve agreed to purchase their service.

Our mission began with a realization about a pivotal customer turning point: the job change.

When your customer changes jobs, your account with the company they used to work for is now at risk. And without processes in place to manage this change, your client begins to extract less value from your product. Before long, they’ve ended the relationship altogether. Not only that, but you’ve spent time building a strong relationship with that customer over the years and are missing out on the opportunity to bring that relationship to the customer’s new company… At Warmly, we believe that these relationships should not end when customer switches jobs. Let’s look at an example:

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Amy is a customer advocate

In B2B, Mailchimp doesn’t make the decision to use Workday. Amy from Mailchimp does. Behind every sale is a person and a relationship. When Amy starts using Workday, she loves it. Amy writes positive user reviews, takes reference calls, and tells her peers about Workday. Amy blossoms into what every business wants — a customer advocate. But, what happens when Amy switches jobs from Mailchimp to Spotify? She still loves Workday, but no longer has access at her new company. With Warmly,, Workday gets an instant opportunity to reach out to Amy for a smooth, warm sale into a big new organization.

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It's frustrating when a customer advocate changes jobs

At Warmly, we’ve learned that in a world where 20% of B2B buyers change jobs every year, the lifetime value of advocates is far more advantageous than chasing cold leads. This is why we’re created a new metric: LTVA, not LTV.

Warmly,’s first product solves this simple but powerful problem: keeping track of where advocates like Amy go when they change jobs. Businesses start by syncing Warmly, with their CRM in a single click. Warmly,’s software then automatically prioritizes a list of their customers who move to new jobs and provides tools to reconnect and generate new sales.

Our grand vision is become the B2B Linkedin, helping businesses understand their network at scale. In doing so we plan to end customer acquisition costs, instantly connecting business through the best and cheapest channel. Warmly, is building the first ever customer network graph, a novel way to leverage customers to drive new sales.

Stay tuned to hear more about our origin story, what life during YC is like, and how you can amplify your conversion rates and shrink churn just by knowing your advocates.


Our founding team met while working at Google and is composed of computer scientists from Princeton & Berkeley, Fulbright scholars and self-taught engineers and one of us is a chicken farmer in her free time. We are proud Techstars Boulder alumni and heading through Y-Combinator this summer!

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