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How to Stand Out in Every Zoom Meeting

Want to become a 🟣🐮? The spirit of being a purple cow is finding the best ways to stand out from the crowd. Find out how Warmly can help you become one!

Derek Jackson
Growth Marketing Intern

At Warmly, we want all our users to embrace their inner Purple Cow.

What’s a Purple Cow, you ask??? The short version of this concept--which is gospel here at Warmly--is finding the best ways to stand out from the crowd. The potential of the Purple Cow is endless, and key to converting sales, landing investors, scoring new clients, and securing contracts. (Want more insights on being a Purple Cow? DM our CEO, Max, or check out his Tweets on the subject.)  

The Warmly product helps you embody Purple Cow Methodology in all your meetings. First and foremost, we’ve pioneered auto-generated virtual backgrounds, or custom Zoom backgrounds that will help you add personality to each call. You can get yours here

Our awesome backgrounds will help you find commonalities between yourself and the people you’re meeting--connections you have in common, where you’re living, your favorite hobbies or secret skills you have that no one but your best friends know about you.

Want other ideas for being your best Purple Cow?

  • Start the call off by screen-sharing an icebreaker instead of canned intro language about the weather. 
  • Find genuine reasons to smile and laugh. Ask questions that get beyond the surface-level. 
  • Try to tell an engaging story based on shared commonalities, especially if you know you have a contact in common or have similar interests. 

In short, the best way to stand out in meetings is to be intentional about turning every cold connection into a warm one. #Warmly can help, so download People Insights via the Zoom Apps marketplace today with this link.

Instant context to build deeper relationships.

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