Maximize AI in Sales

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November 29, 2023

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Welcome to the AI Revolution!

The chatter around artificial intelligence (AI) is ubiquitous, leading some to question: "Is AI overrated?" The concise answer: Not at all. As per McKinsey, by the close of 2030, AI is forecasted to inject a whopping $13 trillion worth of value into global businesses.

Breakthroughs like ChatGPT are already a testament to the efficiency-boosting potential of AI. However, the sales arena seems slow on the uptake. Salesforce reports reveal only 33% of sales organizations today leverage some form of AI, with many others unclear on its application in sales. What's the roadmap for sales teams to harness AI and maximize its benefits?

Maximizing AI for Sales Teams

Since ChatGPT's introduction, public interest in AI has rocketed, and innovations in the field have followed suit. Sales teams need to understand how evolving and established AI solutions can enhance their web experience, analytics, and processes. But remember, AI isn't a magic wand. It’s a tool enabling you to address specific challenges.

Implementing AI for the sake of it won't be fruitful. Begin by pinpointing a problem. Choose a specific conversion point or bottleneck in the buying journey, then explore which AI could solve that issue. The objective of any sales technology is to drive high-quality sales activities in large volumes. Incorporating AI solutions that mitigate your team's challenges can enhance efficiency, freeing you to do what you do best — sell.

Practical AI Applications for Sales Teams

Although your AI use will be dictated by your business needs, it's helpful to know where to start. Here are three potential AI applications for sales teams:

  1. Deflecting Unwanted Traffic from Sales Reps:Most visitors landing on your website are not looking for sales talk. AI chatbots auto-filter irrelevant traffic, freeing your team to engage with accounts that are genuinely interested, while ensuring all visitors have an authentic experience. Unlike rule-bound chatbots, AI ones let visitors ask questions in their own words, providing an accurate answer instantly, and continuing the conversation to qualify the visitor, provide personalized resources, or, if ready, connect them with sales.
  2. Boosting Personalization:Buyers are all unique, even from the same account. How can you tailor your interactions to each one? AI can scrutinize your conversational data to detect what a fruitful conversation looks like at each buying stage. AI identifies frequently asked questions, common objections, etc. and can inform your sales team to proactively address these issues. AI-powered engagement scores help reps identify high-intent accounts, prioritizing your outreach.
  3. Enhancing Sales Knowledge in Real Time:With easy access to information, buyers are increasingly well-informed, leaving sellers at a disadvantage. Generative AI solutions like Warmly help by instantly generating accurate, on-brand responses to important buyer questions, keeping humans in the loop.

Wrapping up, diving into the world of AI for sales doesn't have to be a head-scratcher. With the right understanding and smart application, AI can be your secret weapon, supercharging your sales team's productivity and making interactions more personal. Whether it's waving goodbye to unqualified traffic, making every chat count, or staying one step ahead with real-time knowledge, friendly AI solutions like Warmly are here to shake things up. So here's to the future of sales, where AI brings a fresh wave of smarts and a warm touch to every interaction. Ready to ride the wave?