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The Future is Zoom: Introducing Warmly’s App for Zoom Meetings

The pandemic has changed the way companies handle virtual meetings. In response, Warmly and Zoom decided to work together to make virtual meetings more human. #Warmly and Zoom make it easy to facilitate genuine connections between business professionals.

Max Greenwald
Co-founder & CEO

COVID-19 has forever changed the way we live and work. At first, professionals worldwide rejoiced when they realized they could cram in double the meetings per day via Zoom. With many companies going remote or embracing the hybrid office, the increase in virtual meetings resulted in weakening ties between our professional connections, and we at Warmly knew things had to change.

This is why we’re proud to be working with Zoom on our newest product. Warmly is a free app directly inside Zoom to help Zoom users create deeper relationships with the people who matter most. As covered earlier this morning in Business Wire, Warmly allows everyone in your Zoom meeting to offer instant insights and context about themselves. 

Thanks to Warmly, you no longer have to spend time prepping for meetings, worrying about making a good impression, or coming off a little stiff in your first call. Instead, you can use our product to build rapport with everyone you’re meeting on video chat, in 60 seconds or less.#Warmly’s mission is to facilitate genuine connections between business professionals. We want to bring humanity back into virtual conversation by letting everyone in your virtual meetings readily share information and context about themselves. Together with our friends at Zoom, we can achieve this ambitious mission.

“Warmly helps busy folks show up prepared for every meeting,” said Ross Mayfield, Product Lead from Zoom Apps & Integrations. “This is a great example of how Zoom Apps like #Warmly can help improve workflow.”

Our origin story: We built Warmly to solve a problem we were facing ourselves, along with the rest of the world. See, #Warmly is one of the first startups born in the COVID era. From day one of starting this company, my co-founders and I have depended on virtual meetings -- and learning how to build rapport with people we were meeting virtually wasn’t something we figured out overnight. We created #Warmly to share the insights and process that helped us succeed in raising our seed round, close over 25 paying customers, complete Y-Combinator’s Summer 2020 cohort, and bond internally as a team––all over Zoom!   

Our first move was to build a list of over 100 one-minute virtual icebreakers, which were a big hit amongst people with whom we were meeting. When we heard about the new in-meeting app type for Zoom, everything clicked - we knew we’d found a fit with our mission and had the opportunity to help hundreds of millions of people learn to build supportive, efficient remote meeting cultures.  

According to #Warmly’s recent survey of over 1,000 business professionals on remote work:

  • 61% of people spend more than half their workday in virtual meetings
  • 41% of people struggle to build connection and rapport when meeting people virtually

And preparing for calls is no easy task:

  • 74% of people have found themselves researching a person while speaking to them
  • 74% of people have found themselves needing to looking up how to pronounce someone’s name before a call

Not coming prepared to a meeting has consequences. 73% of people say they are more likely to skip a second meeting with someone who didn't come prepared for the first one.

At Warmly we believe it’s not only important to show up prepared for meetings, but to accomplish your goals, you also need to connect with the folks that you’re meeting. Connecting on #Warmly is achieved in two ways: learning unique insights about others & showing off who you are in every interaction.

Learn unique insights on others by:

  • 😎 Skipping pre-meeting prep with instant context. Take the stress out of meetings by knowing mutual connections instantly and connecting seamlessly on LinkedIn & Twitter -- no more rushed searches
  • 💪Impressing others with your research. Learn about their company with their website, current promotion, recent news, latest funding, and which tools they use in-house
  • 💡Mapping out their team with free Org Charts. Pop open their organizational chart (or request it) to see who else in the company you might need to chat with

Show off who you are in every interaction by:

  • 🌅Meeting Warmly with auto-generated Virtual Backgrounds (Warm relationships are everything). Share who you really are by creating custom “nametags” for every meeting.
  • 🌈Sharing your pronunciations and pronouns. Be respectful and make a better first impression by getting these right; listen to a short snippet of the phonetic pronunciation of each person’s name. 
  • 📆Giving context with calendar signatures. Add your calendar signature directly in your meeting invitations so others can get to know you before your call (rather than Googling around about you on their own!).  

 Our app, now available for free as an app inside of Zoom, seems to be sending ripples through the universe of VCs, founders, CEOs, sales, BD & customer success folks alike. The Warmly network now encompasses VCs like Harry Stebbings, Hunter Walk, Elizabeth Weil, David Cohen and Eric Torenberg, founders and CEOs of companies like Twitch (Justin Kan), InVision (Clark Vahlberg), Lattice (Jack Altman), Front (Mathilde Collin) and Gainsight (Nick Mehta), and sales leaders like Scott Leese. It’s even starting to spread around the globe, including the Sultan Almaadeed of Qatar.

The #1 favorite feature from these busy influencers in back-to-back meetings?  “Running Late” -- one click to email your next meeting that you’re running late, directly from your current meeting. Yep you can show others you value their time and not have to scramble to figure out how to contact them. And if that doesn’t do it for you, here is a 2 min video of my top tips for using Warmly in Zoom.

Why are we launching with Zoom?

I personally predict that in the next few years, the vast majority of business transactions will occur via video chat instead of traditional in-person meetings and sales. Enterprise value is created at the focal point of a business transaction. Whoever can add value and own the “virtual real estate” in and around a Zoom meeting, will be able to generate immense opportunity. Said another way, the next generation of B2B unicorns will be built off the back of the Zoom App store and we believe Warmly will be one of those companies.

We’re proud to be part of the Zoom Apps launch, and we hope many more companies will join us on the platform in the coming months. In the meantime… Get Warmly in Zoom and let us know what you think. Though we’re excited to share what we’ve spent the last year building in stealth mode, we can’t wait to unveil our next set of features; the future of tech is allowing us to get more personal than ever. 

Instant context to build deeper relationships.

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