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Collaborative Growth is the Future - Jared Robin, Co-Founder of RevGenius

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Collaborative Growth is the Future - Jared Robin, Co-Founder of RevGenius

The B2B Go-To-Market landscape is changing. Again.

SaaS companies have adopted a “growth-at-the-lowest-cost” model, while social media platforms are becoming more pay-to-play by the day. This doesn’t go together well.

But every now and then you’ll notice a group of companies appear seemingly out of thin air and take over your feed. These companies then go on to announce VC rounds, hit new revenue records and build brands that are forever etched in your mind.

That is the power of collaborative growth.

Today’s episode features Jared Robin, Co-Founder of RevGenius - a community of 40k GTM professionals. Their mission is to build trusted spaces for curious revenue professionals who are collaborating on the future of B2B GTM.

Collaborative growth is the evolution of community. Instead of simply creating content for your own company, you approach marketing new products through a variety of stakeholders including SMB’s, influencers, employees and the audience, which effectively creates a movement that is fuelled by a collaborative effort. You get people involved by giving them the opportunity to grow their personal brands and create additional revenue streams while increasing your own reach.

This is not a new concept - B2C brands have been crafting and implementing this playbook for years, and now that SaaS companies are no longer in a financial position to approach their GTM through a “growth-at-all-cost” lens, they’ve been forced to adapt to a collaborative approach as it doesn’t require the same level of commitment and spend that a classic marketing strategy would.

Collaborative growth only works with feedback. The model of a one-sided expert relationship, while effective at building thought leadership, doesn’t get people involved - which is the whole point of community. Jared’s strategy is to always have an established feedback loop with those who collaborate with him, which also works as a great way to discover what the market is currently interested in.

Check out the full episode to learn more on how to build a collaborative growth playbook!.


01:42 How GTM teams approach collaborative growth

03:35 The B2C influencer playbook redefined for B2B

05:33 How to succeed at collaborative growth

06:42 Driving true value in partnerships

08:20 How to get your B2B audience involved

11:29 Jared’s newest micro-movement

17:32 Building relationships with B2B creators

19:02 B2B Collaborative growth playbook

21:49 Which companies are building movements? 24:17 How to build your own B2B GTM playbook

Connect with Jared - https://www.linkedin.com/in/jaredrobin/

Connect with Alan - https://www.linkedin.com/in/alan-j-zhao/

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