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How to Track Your Highest Paying B2B Customers - Deepinder Singh Dhingra, Founder of RevSure AI

How to Track Your Highest Paying B2B Customers - Deepinder Singh Dhingra, Founder of RevSure AI

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Today's episode welcomes Deepinder Singh Dhingra, Founder & CEO of RevSure AI. They’re on a mission to improve predictable revenue growth through Predictive AI for Pipeline Generation for B2B SaaS companies.

Deepinder has spent over 20 years in big data analytics and machine learning in multiple industries - but mostly serving the Fortune 500 in both B2B and B2C. A few years ago he saw a market opportunity in B2B SaaS, as the way we run GTM motions nowadays is much more complex and has more glaring inefficiencies - and he set out on a mission to solve them.

The dark funnel is becoming brighter by the day. As AI-powered GTM tools evolve, our understanding of the exact customer journey and ability to pinpoint signals increases by the day - which is quickly becoming a huge competitive advantage for revenue teams.

The technology that Deepinder has built looks at all available customer touchpoints across the GTM motion and auto-harmonizes the data. Their end-users see an end-to-end view of the entire funnel across all GTM functions and they get a full view of which parts of the process are driving outcomes, and where bottlenecks arise. This is a true gamechanger for GTM teams, as there’s a ton of guesswork in revenue teams, especially if data is scattered across sales, marketing and CS.

No approach is perfect. Some marketing channels still can’t be tracked - especially when it comes to offline conversations or awareness generated by influencers. Deepinder speaks on the only ways to attribute influencer interactions - looking at engagement data from posts or events, as well as the classic approach of unique CTA links.

Tune into the full episode to learn more on the modern way of GTM attribution!

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