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Warmly Platform Overview

Warmly Platform Overview

Time kills deals, and it kills companies. That's why we started warmly. We wanted to create a plug and play way to stitch together the people, processes, and tools to deliver the right buyer experience at the right time, at scale.

The magic is we add a script tag to your site. This way, we're advising companies and contacts, up to 60% of companies, and 15% of contacts. We intake all the data from all your tools and fuse it with the best-in-class intent and enrichment data to translate signals into meaningful actionable triggers that kick off the right sales workflows. We let salespeople know the highest priority companies and people that are ready for a conversation right now. In this moment. Or. we can have Warmly follow-up on your behalf with email, LinkedIn, or AI chat, and then loop into salesperson later.

We call this autonomous revenue orchestration.