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Everything you need to know about the people you meet on Zoom.

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Learn the essentials faster
Skip the last-minute LinkedIn search, instantly know their pronouns, name pronunciation, and much more. Every meeting you have a chance to gain rapport, depending on how you approach it, which can lead to an increase in productivity.

Avoid Missteps
People love the sound of their own name, pronouncing their name correctly, particularly when others mispronounce it, is a great way to instantly start a meeting off on the right foot!

Give Props
Are you a founder who is meeting someone in a different timezone? If you're in PST and the person you're meeting is in GMT, thank them for accommodating the 7 hour time difference! Finding small moments like this can help you win favor with them, and give you an opening to schedule the next meeting before you leave the call with them.

Find unique commonalities
People Insights provide you with info on the weather and timezone for people you're meeting with on Zoom. If used correctly, this information can turn into an easy icebreaker.

Go beneath the surface
Referencing current events based on their timezone and local weather. Do People Insights show it's a sunny day where they are? Ask if they plan to take advantage of the lovely weather! Talking about the weather in person is boring, but saying, "It's raining where I am and I see you're experiencing beautiful weather" can lead to social discovery.

Add a personal touch
Take your relationship-building game to the next level by adding personal notes on the people you meet, directly on the People Insights notepad. Make it your goal to jot down something interesting about them in every call so you can bring it up in a future conversation.

The little things matter
Did they mention they are expecting their first grandchild in a week? Jot down a note as a reminder and bring it up in the next conversation. People Insights store your notes and make it easy to bring up fun tidbits that you learn during your meetings.

🖼 Customize your first impressions

Stand out from the crowd with an optional, custom background for yourself. Use one click to leave a lasting impression on people with your new virtual business card.

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