Get context on who you're talking to, instantly.

Because you have better things to do with your time.
End the annoying pre-meeting prep. Warmly will do it for you.

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Superpowers on top of Google Calendar
For anyone living in virtual-land

Make back-to-back meetings a breeze

Drive meetings with confidence knowing that Warmly did all the pre-work for you. Works seamlessly with Zoom, Google Meet, Webex, and beyond!

2 mins late to a meeting? No stress

With the content Warmly serves into your calendar, you can start the meeting off without the awkward pause and frantic LinkedIn tab opening.

Find common ground

Shared experiences build trust. Warmly creates ice breakers for you at the start of every meeting.

Go the extra mile

What is something you learned about them? Take personal notes and remind yourself what makes them awesome.

Sales Professionals

Knowing your customer has never been easier

Be prepared for every prospect. With Warmly's insights, you'll be able to quickly build trust with everyone you meet.

Instant contact and context for every person, in every meeting

Stop the rushed LinkedIn lookups before your next meeting. You can go take that bio break.

Show your personality & stand out

Share your bio and drop fun facts about yourself. You can even make an ask - see if someone bites.

Customize your prospects' experiences

Meeting fatigue is real. Create an experience your prospects won't forget.

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Easily integrate it into your tech stack

Warmly makes it frictionless to create workflows for your team.

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Coming soon!


What exactly does Warmly do?

Warmly is a paradigm-shifting web app that supercharges your context on attendees in upcoming meetings.  We give you a deeper background on the folks you’re meeting with in advance so you can rock those virtual meetings and build better rapport with them.

Our team is in the lab cooking up some incredible in-video capabilities for the product that we’ll be rolling out shortly and can’t wait for our users to check it out!

Does Warmly share my calendar with third parties?

No, we only use your calendar data to enrich your profile view on your upcoming meetings. We don’t sell or share any of this information with third parties.

What does Warmly do with my data?

Our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy covers this in detail, but at a high level, we will never sell your contact lists or calendar information. 

Is one of your cofounders really a chicken farmer?

It's true! Our Chief Technology Officer, Carina Boo, tends to chickens in her free time!

Instant context to build better rapport in under 60 seconds.

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