Customized Shoutouts for every call.

Build rapport with contextual Shoutouts directly in your background.

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Add their logo to your background
Shoutouts give you the ability to add magic to your background on Zoom. Make changes to them in an instant to give yourself an edge in every meeting. Background Signatures combined with Shoutouts make it very easy for you to build rapport from the moment you jump into a meeting.

Their company + yours
Meeting with a potential client, investor, or partner? Add their logo + Your logo to your shoutout and show that you're excited about working with them. This is a great rapport-building technique, and it only takes seconds to do!

Shoutout for every occasion
Did our People Insights tell you that it's their birthday today? Update your Shoutout for that meeting to tell them "Happy Birthday!", it's a great way to stand out from all the other people they will meet today.

Custom messages in seconds
Change the Shoutouts in your Background Signature on the fly to reflect things you've learned immediately before or during the call. Win over your customers, investors, partners, and anyone else you meet with the click of a button.

Be a purple cow
What is a purple cow? A purple cow is a unique or remarkable action taken to stand out. If you had to pick a pet cow, all of them are the same except for 1 cow that is purple, which would you be interested in? If the person you're meeting with had back-to-back meetings where everyone had a typical background, you can stand out from the crowd with your personalized Shoutouts.

Easily Stand out from the rest
The person you're meeting with is probably dealing with Zoom fatigue, you're the solution. Your Shoutouts are an easy ice breaker for your meetings. You'll notice people calling out their appreciation for the thought you put into adding it. Build rapport by showing you go the extra mile with your customized Shoutout, even if it only takes you seconds!

🖼 Customize your first impressions

Stand out from the crowd with an optional, custom background for yourself. Use one click to leave a lasting impression on people with your new virtual business card.

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