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Drive Revenue Through Warm Intros - Olivier Roth, Chief Growth Officer at The Swarm

Drive Revenue Through Warm Intros - Olivier Roth, Chief Growth Officer at The Swarm

Your network truly is your net worth.

If you’re a new founder who’s bootstrapped and shooting for the stars in a heavily saturated SaaS market, your ability to access early investors, hire the right talent and build revenue generating partnerships will separate you from the startups that sink.

Here’s the problem - manually asking people in your network for warm intros is highly inefficient and soon becomes a third job.

This episode welcomes Olivier Roth, Chief Growth Officer at The Swarm - a platform that gives companies and investors the keys to their networks and the relationship data they need to accelerate sales, recruiting, and fundraising.

Great salespeople foster long-term relationships and know how to eloquently use their network to multiply their pipeline. This is very much a manual activity, and one that is very difficult to scale or delegate.

Even LinkedIn isn’t built out to be a true networking platform, as people accept connection requests for a plethora of reasons - most of which have nothing to do with actually knowing the person on the other end of the screen.

Olivier suggests battling this by having a process-oriented approach to involving your true network. By documenting your process, setting up regular meetings and building win-win scenarios, you’ll create a real network effect that drives your desired outcomes.

For those targeting mid-market and enterprise accounts, Olivier speaks about a client that had over 150 stakeholders with high value networks without a way to consistently leverage them.

Tune into the full episode to learn more on how to turn your network into your ultimate competitive advantage!


00:50 Oliviers background

02:19 Making the most of your network

03:35 What’s wrong with selling in your network?

05:03 Best practices for warm intros

06:37 Correct way to leverage warm intros

08:12 How to segment your network

10:11 Who should you consider your network?

12:01 Gamify your network

Connect with Olivier - https://www.linkedin.com/in/olivier-roth/

Connect with Alan - https://www.linkedin.com/in/alan-j-zhao/

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