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Get Better At Sales Through Active Collaboration - Vince Beese, CEO of Sales HQ (ex Meta)

Get Better At Sales Through Active Collaboration - Vince Beese, CEO of Sales HQ (ex Meta)

If you got into sales over the last 4-5 years, chances are you’ve never worked on the sales floor.

While remote is wonderful, there’s something truly special about the level of interaction, feedback and energy you get when you’re closing deals as a team in-person.

Before you start bickering about remote being the only way you’ll ever work, take a moment to listen to someone who’s led 4 revenue teams to exits and recently ran enterprise sales at Meta.

Today’s guest is Vince Beese - Founder & CEO of Sales HQ and Sales@Scale - a B2B sales consultancy accelerating revenue growth for venture capital-backed startups.

Networking opens up doors that you never even knew existed. In a remote world, your best bet when trying to build lucrative relationships is to get active on LinkedIn. Vince mentions that you don’t necessarily have to become a content creator overnight - just connecting with people, inviting them to intro meetings and keeping your eyes peeled for the right opportunities is enough to achieve your desired outcomes.

Vince speaks on the importance of choosing the right sales job. As a new seller evaluating potential employment, instead of choosing the fanciest product or company you can find, your focus should be finding the right leader that will mentor you and set strong foundations that will ultimately shape your sales career. Relying on a mentor alone is a losing strategy - proactive self-education and intellectual curiosity are keys to a successful sales career.

There’s no denying it anymore - HubSpot recently released a study saying hybrid sales teams saw a 28% increase in results compared to fully remote and on-site teams. Vince is a huge proponent of the hybrid model - and he’s got the track record to prove it. His experience shows that 100% of the time hybrid or on-site teams outperform remote only.

Check out the full episode to learn more on how to build a high performing sales team!


04:19 How to build community in a remote world

06:27 Build your tribe on LinkedIn

08:07 How to find the right job in 2024

10:33 Hybrid vs Remote vs On-Site sales teams

15:12 Become more efficient at remote sales

16:35 The magic of co-working in sales

20:35 Combining remote and in-person

23:10 How to become a sales leader

Connect with Vince - https://www.linkedin.com/in/vbeese/

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