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Growing to 100k+ YouTube Subscribers - Jamie McCauley, YouTuber and Top Podcast Host

Growing to 100k+ YouTube Subscribers - Jamie McCauley, YouTuber and Top Podcast Host

Many great B2B content creators have tried and failed to build an audience on YouTube that reflects the type of engagement and community they’ve built on LinkedIn. The reason why is simple - the type of content that succeeds on LinkedIn often falls flat on more casual social media platforms.

Today’s guest has built a successful YouTube channel, went viral on Instagram, and built a lifestyle business from his content. If you’re a creator entrepreneur that has put all of their eggs in the LinkedIn basket but understands that there’s a ton of value in venturing into other social media platforms, this episode will help you craft a winning strategy.

Jamie McCauley is a YouTuber with 100k+ subscribers, the host of “AI Hustle” - a top 5% globally ranked podcast. He started his channel when COVID struck their wedding photography business. Their initial breakthrough content series featured them flipping items bought from thrift stores - which was super relevant during 2021 as many were looking for additional sources of income.

When you’re creating content on a new platform, the key to success is experimentation. Jamie talks on how their first viral video stemmed from publishing a piece of content that was both experimental and relevant. The video showcased how they made their mortgage payment flipping furniture during a time when the general public were losing jobs and looking for ways to supplement their income.

Creating educational content on YouTube that generates views requires optimization. Your titles, tags, thumbnails and talk tracks all need to be refined and on point to succeed in a saturated content creator market. Jamie's advice is to focus on answering a single question in-depth and showcasing all possible angles to make taking action the easy choice.

Tune into the full episode to learn how to master content creation outside of LinkedIn!


01:07 How Jamie started his YouTube channel

02:02 Finding your niche on YouTube

04:05 How to go viral for the first time

05:02 How to get to 50k+ YouTube views through SEO

07:01 Entertainment vs Education - what should you focus on?

08:43 How to become a thought leader through podcasting

10:18 Getting 20,000,000+ Instagram Reels views

11:57 Producing viral series that generate revenue

15:48 Mastering the production and creative process

17:29 How to craft a winning YouTube thumbnail

20:37 Should you keep investing in YouTube?

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