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How to Implement Signal-Based GTM in B2B - Chris Walker, CEO of Passetto

How to Implement Signal-Based GTM in B2B - Chris Walker, CEO of Passetto

This episode continues the conversation with Chris Walker - Executive Chairman of Refine Labs and CEO of Pasetto - a GTM Strategy Consultancy that helps B2B Executives identify and execute against their highest priority growth levers with confidence and clarity. He’s also the host of B2B Revenue Vitals - one of the most beloved podcasts in the B2B revenue ethos.

Chris brings up the statistic that 50% of revenue is typically budgeted towards your go-to-market motion, which most of the time leads to about 1/5th of that being recouped in ARR. This shouldn’t be the case, as without a constant stream of venture capital this model is unsustainable. His solution is to opt in for signal based go-to-market - a new category that looks at capturing buying signals, which allows you to identify who's in-market (or who's about to be), prioritize accordingly, and take action with context.

The Go-To-Market paradigm shift that Chris recommends is a pretty simple concept - stop your sales team from talking to people who are never going to buy. The idea of signal analytics and signal-based go-to-market as a whole is to have accurate data that indicates the probability of someone buying your product without wasting sales resources, and reducing your dependency on the skill of the salesperson.

Chris’s new company, Passetto, is creating a new category - signal analytics. They’re focused on figuring out which signals are worth using to trigger different events in the funnel and dissecting data to achieve a higher level of go-to-market efficiency. Their core focus right now is to make sure you’re aware of the things that are NOT working and to battle B2B data survivorship biases, which have led profitable companies to overspend on inefficient aspects of their GTM motion.

Tune into the full episode to learn more about signal-based go-to-market!

KEY INSIGHTS: 01:22 Getting to profitable, efficient growth

02:56 Signal-based Go-To-Market

05:20 Categorizing B2B signals

06:31 Figuring out the right signals

09:51 How to implement signal-based GTM

12:38 The problem with Account-Based Marketing (ABM)

14:31 The B2B adoption problem

18:36 The road to appropriate GTM ROI

20:56 Why Chris started Passetto

Connect with Chris - https://www.linkedin.com/in/chriswalker171/

Connect with Alan - https://www.linkedin.com/in/alan-j-zhao/

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