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The Modern Go-To-Market Playbook - Chris Walker, CEO of Passetto - Part 1

The Modern Go-To-Market Playbook - Chris Walker, CEO of Passetto - Part 1

B2B has recently been obsessed with the word “dead”.

Cold calling. Email marketing. Blogs. Interview based podcasts. You name it - someone’s made a case on a LinkedIn post that it’s dead and discouraged many from strategies that have worked for seemingly forever.

Truth is - in 2024, the word “dead” is more relevant than ever when used to refer to methodologies that were once defining the B2B revenue landscape.

Between the downfall of free venture capital, the steady rise of AI and the macroeconomical state of the world, what worked yesterday no longer works today. Or possibly it never worked in the first place - you just didn’t need to pay attention when the times were good.

Today’s guest is Chris Walker - Executive Chairman of Refine Labs and CEO of Pasetto - a GTM Strategy Consultancy that helps B2B Executives identify and execute against their highest priority growth levers with confidence and clarity. He’s also the host of B2B Revenue Vitals - one of the most beloved podcasts in the B2B revenue ethos.

For the last few years, Chris has been one of the rare voices in B2B that’s called out companies on their ineffective spending habits and tried to push the market towards data-driven thinking. He challenges B2B companies to make transformational changes to their go-to-market motion instead of trying to incrementally improve outdated models that simply don’t work.

Tune into the full episode to learn how to build a modern B2B go-to-market playbook!

KEY INSIGHTS: 02:14 The Chris Walker method of revenue

04:41 How to find the right accounts to sell to

06:52 How B2B buyers make decisions

10:04 The right way to sell B2B

11:57 Demand creation vs demand capture

13:24 The modern B2B sales motion

14:27 Predictable revenue is dead

17:35 Why your GTM budget is wrong

Connect with Chris - https://www.linkedin.com/in/chriswalker171/

Connect with Alan - https://www.linkedin.com/in/alan-j-zhao/

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