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Auto-LinkedIn: Connect & DM Website Visitors

Auto-LinkedIn: Connect & DM Website Visitors

New: 2x website conversion by auto-LinkedIn connect & DM anyone who visits your website.

Six months ago Warmly, unveiled the ability to auto-email anyone who visits your website.

Today we are announcing a first-of-its-kind ability to 2x your website conversions by automating LinkedIn as a channel.

It’s nice when you have your website traffic de-anonymized, but do you really want to spend 100 hours manually doing things with it?

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💡What? Warmly, will de-anonymize your website traffic, pull in the LinkedIn’s of people who most likely or did visit your website but have not yet converted. Then we push those to your sales reps’ LinkedIn accounts (based on who owns the account) and can (within LinkedIn’s limits), connect request & DM sequence up to 200 decision makers/week.

Example: “Hey X, looks like you or someone one your team came by our website yesterday & read about product use case Y. Want me to show you more on a demo?”

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If you are a sales rep manually connecting & DM’ing on LinkedIn in 2024, ask your manager to free up your time for higher leverage work and consider Warmly.

đź’ˇHow? A exclusive partnership with Salesflow.io which is the premier LinkedIn automation provider on the market.

💡Results? My team has been using this in beta for months and we average a 44% connect rate & 29% reply rate. AUTOMATICALLY. We used to do this manually but now, when maxed out - we’re booking 10+ meetings/week and all we have to do is wait for leads to come to us.

Why? Warmly is the #1 Revenue Orchestration platform, connecting all the warm signals on leads you didn’t know about (like de-anonymizing your website traffic to the person-level) and then automatically DM’ing them across all the channels your reps are already using (like auto-LinkedIn DM). This is RevTech 2.0 - the Age of Warmbound.

A huge thanks to the Salesflow.io team for tireless work on this partnership - all Warmly Business & Enterprise tiers now come with 1 free Salesflow seat and all additional seats are 20% off.