How Caddis Systems used Warmly to Surge Website Conversions by 500% in 7 Days

“Warmly lets us double down on the other efforts we’re doing as well as prospecting many, many companies that we would have never, ever prospected before because we had no idea they were on our website.”
Mike Zimmerman
Revenue Operations & Sales

How Caddis Systems used Warmly to Surge Website Conversions by 500% in 7 Days

The Challenge

Caddis Systems' sales team invested heavily in enterprise lead generation activities but had very few website conversions, resulting in poor ROI.

Enter Warmly

Our revenue orchestration platform helped Caddis Systems sales reps achieve 5x more website conversions (that’s 500% ROI) in as little as one week. Three sales reps + one plug-and-play solution = saved time (and sanity).

What do you do when your website isn't converting?

Refine your ads strategy?

Write more specific landing pages?

Hire an external agency to support your marketing efforts?

Caddis Systems tried all of these. And it wasn't working.  

Meet Mike Zimmerman. He heads up Revenue Operations and Sales at Caddis Systems, a software company that specializes in high-tech platforms for manufacturing.

His sales team consists of three people (that's including Mike). They're small, they're scrappy, and they need any new sales tools to work instantly.

Their existing inbound lead strategy made heavy use of Google AdWords and landing pages. On the side, they also had a marketing agency running cold email marketing.

But it wasn't getting them the conversions they needed. In fact, on average, they were seeing just one or two conversions a month.

"We were really running into a big problem where we had very little conversions when it came to our website and the landing pages we were using," Mike admits.

They needed a creative solution. Then Mike found Warmly.

"I came across Warmly on LinkedIn and saw how you guys could do it and thought, man, that would be amazing. To know who’s on our website, when they’re on it, and then even further, I can engage with them."

Onboarding in One Hour, ROI in One Week

Most GTM solutions include an onboarding process of up to a month or longer (thinking of you, Clearbit and Drift). Not so with Warmly.

Mike started with a free trial and, thanks to extensive integrations, had no problems slotting Warmly into his existing tech stack. There are no forced integrations; our software works seamlessly alongside the most common CRM and marketing tools.

For example, Caddis Systems' tech stack comprised Salesforce and Outreach, so getting started with Warmly was just a matter of adding a script tag to the Caddis Systems website and authenticating and approving  CRM permissions through OAuth. This takes minutes.

A one-hour call with a Warmly sales rep helped the Caddis Systems team set up their segments—essentially, their ICP—so Warmly knows which visitors to disregard and which visitors to qualify as warm.  

The result? Mike says it best.

"After that initial meeting, there was a follow-up a week or two later, seeing how things were going. But after that, we were just off and running.

"I think we were up and running within a week. The onboarding process was pretty quick and painless."

Mike has also taken advantage of 24/7 customer support post-onboarding, helping his team maximize their use of Warmly.

"It's really nice having access to the support when we're trying to set something new up, change something, or fix something. I’ve got the CSRs from Warmly just sitting in my Slack channel that I can ping."

The truth is, we genuinely love checking in on our customers. In fact, it was this warmer way of doing business that led Mike to us in the first place.

"Following you guys on social media—I like the culture you have. You guys have a fun atmosphere, and I think that aligns well with a lot of our people. For me, it's cool to do business with people that are having fun," Mike says.

Instantly Capturing Warm Leads With Live Video Chat

Before Warmly, Mike had virtually zero visibility into what people were actually doing on the Caddis Systems website, aside from what was available through Google Analytics.

And Google Analytics just isn't going to qualify leads for you.

"We were relying on someone taking a lot of action, of being a very high intent prospect going out and filling out a form," Mike admits. "And it really wasn’t working."

Warmly makes it faster and easier to deanonymize website visitors (at the company and contact level), qualify warm leads, and—the cherry on top of this GTM pie—engage with website visitors in real time.

With Warmly's Live Video Chat feature, Mike and his fellow sales reps get instant Slack notifications when a warm lead is on their site. From there, they can immediately open the chatbot and start a video call with the prospect.

‎Sales reps can choose the most opportune moment to chat with a prospect by tracking their website activity in Warmly's 'sessions' tabs. So, sales reps can reach out when prospects are actually viewing a high-intent page, such as a pricing page.

Another added benefit for Caddis Systems is the ability to provide instant, reactive support to current customers. For example, customer service reps can see the moment a customer views support documents on the website and offer personalized assistance almost immediately.

Of course, your sales reps won't be available 24/7 to chat with prospects. So, when sales reps aren't available, Warmly's AI Chat can handle visitor queries and make proactive conversations based on information from your CRM and data from Warmly's extensive data catalogue.

For Mike, though, the greatest value has come from those real-time interactions with prospects.

"I had one person get on there and say, 'Hey, I used to be in marketing. This is the coolest chat feature I've ever seen.' Some of the unique things like that that Warmly's tested and proven out, we get to use now and take advantage of all, and that's great."

Developing a Tailored Outreach Strategy with AI Prospector

But one tool does not a revenue orchestration strategy make. So, Warmly pairs a proactive, contextually aware chatbot with AI Prospector to help you handle outreach to warm prospects.

AI Prospector has allowed Caddis Systems to finally take full advantage of all that visitor traffic from Google AdWords. By filtering traffic according to the ad campaign and then initiating personalized outreach sequences over email, sales reps can deliver the right messaging at the right time.

“That AI Prospector is a game changer for us. It really increases our efficiency," Mike says.

As well as crafting warm outreach to prospects coming from ad campaigns, Mike has set up additional email campaigns with AI Prospector to automatically target prospects in their ICP.

“It lets us double down on the other efforts we're doing as well as prospecting many, many companies that we would have never, ever prospected before because we had no idea they were on our website," adds Mike.

The combined power of Warmly's chatbot and AI Prospector results in a powerful revenue orchestration strategy that turns even the smallest sales teams into a part-autonomous revenue-generating machine.

"Being able to drive traffic back to our website, and have more chances to reengage with those people, and then as well as just convert the leads in general

In addition to website visits, Warmly gathers research and intent data from third-party sources like Bombora and 6sense, plus our in-house data capabilities, to produce an accurate overview of all your warm leads.

After that, based on your audience and sales strategy, your sales teams choose where you want to channel your prospecting efforts, whether that's email outreach or LinkedIn.  

5x ROI With Warmly's Revenue Orchestration Strategy

How does Mike review the power of Warmly? "It's given us the ability to qualify warm leads," Mike declares.

That might sound simple, but it's absolutely transformed Caddis Systems' website conversion rate.

"Oh, man. I mean, one website conversion is the ROI. So we're already probably 4x or 5x on that. I think we had two or three of them right in that first week off of the chat itself, just by jumping in and saying 'Hi' to people," he says.

Now, Warmly is a daily-use tool for the Caddis Systems team. From seamless onboarding to immediate ROI,  

"It's a no-brainer for us. Just a single conversion gets us to where we need to be and pays for itself."

From scattered, anonymous website visitor data to an effective, time-saving revenue orchestration strategy, Warmly has provided huge value to Caddis Systems' sales team. We'll continue to check in with Mike to see where they're at in their revenue orchestration journey.

Warmly: One Seamless Solution for GTM Teams

Warmly is your all-in-one GTM solution for identifying prospects and capturing demand.  

By leveraging powerful website deanonymization and outreach tools, you can identify warm leads instantly and channel your sales efforts to the right prospects when they're most likely to buy.

No more wasted time on manual outreach. No more waiting around for a prospect to fill out a contact form. No more outsourcing your email marketing to an expensive (and inefficient) agency.

All of the tools you need for effective prospecting in one easy-to-integrate package. That's the Warmly way.

Interested in matching Mike's 5x ROI? Get started with Warmly for free in minutes.

Or, book a demo to discover more of our features.