How Stage uses Warmly to illuminate & convert high intent leads into booked meetings

Learn how Patrick, CEO/CRO, at Stage, uses Warmly to increase qualified pipeline as an early-stage startup, directly from their website.
Patrick Gallagher
Chief Revenue Officer

Stage Overview & Value Path

Company background: Stage, a modern pricing stack for SaaS companies, provides a comprehensive command center to control pricing and billing across all sales motions and pricing models. Stage recognized that it had ample site traffic from highly qualified and interested customers, but they had no way of understanding exactly who the leads were to develop a meaningful and effective sales process.

Industry: Financial Software

Objective: Identify Stage's website traffic so that Stage could take thoughtful sales actions on high intent prospects.

Result: In the first 24 hours, Warmly illuminated high intent leads that Patrick booked into qualified booked meetings.

How Warmly Delivers Value

Warmly’s accounts and visitors dashboards enable its customers to see which companies (and in some cases, which exact individuals) have hit their websites. The dashboards provide information including the company / prospect name, information about the company (size, headquarters, annual revenue, industry), active session time of prospects, number of unique visitors from the company and detail regarding the prospects’ journeys through the website (which pages they hit and how much time they spent on each page).

Using this data, our customers can sort through their website traffic and understand whether key ICP accounts and individuals have not only visited their website, but also exhibited high intent behavior (like visiting multiple high intent pages or spending several minutes scrolling through the site).

On the first day of using Warmly, Stage’s co-founder and CEO Patrick Despres-Gallagher utilized Warmly’s insights and sales playbook to land a qualified meeting.Patrick noticed that an individual from a key ICP account visited Stage’s website. Using Warmly’s location data, Patrick was able to narrow in on a few buyers that were likely the individuals that were on Stage’s website. Using typical outreach methods, Patrick was able to get in touch with the correct buyer which facilitated in the beginning of a deal which is still ongoing.

In addition to generating multiple deals for Stage in the first month of usage, Patrick believes that Warmly’s website traffic insights are aiding his day-to-day workflows and decision making. “We’ve been able to more generally get a better sense of who is landing on our website, when, how often, why, what they’re looking at, what aspects are really valuable to them, and that’s been an invaluable addition to our sales process,” says Patrick.