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Drive Retention Like a Unicorn - Josh Neal, Customer Success Leader(ex Dropbox, Oracle, Slack, Miro)

Drive Retention Like a Unicorn - Josh Neal, Customer Success Leader(ex Dropbox, Oracle, Slack, Miro)

To become a category leader in 2024, investing all of your go-to-market (GTM) resources into sales and marketing won’t cut it. Getting to unicorn status requires a GTM motion where customer retention is at the forefront of the strategy, otherwise you’ll never truly capture the market share needed to scale to a 9-figure evaluation.

Today’s guest has led Customer Success teams at heavy hitting startups like DropBox, Slack and Miro, before which he managed accounts for 2.5 years at Oracle. During his time at Dropbox, his market segment grew from $20 Million to over $100 Million ARR in 2 years - and he’s sharing this story on Revenue Rebels.

Josh Neal is a Customer Success Leader with two decades of direct brand and SaaS technology experience. He’s led teams at some of the most recognizable rocket ships of this generation, and currently he’s an advisor right here at Warmly.

He’s a huge proponent of Scaled Digital Customer Success, which is a method of leveraging technology to enhance the customer experience and deliver on business targets while increasing customer satisfaction. This exact methodology helped Dropbox scale their mid-market sector to new revenue records.

Finding the magic method to improve your adoption and retention rates starts with testing and iteration. Josh attributes the success of Dropbox’s customer success motion to a granular approach that kept breaking down user data and analyzing all possible usage methods and patterns. This required a ton of experimentation and meant that embracing failure became the norm.

Tune into the full episode to learn how to scale like a unicorn!


01:12 Josh’s background

02:05 What is scaled digital customer success?

02:52 When to implement scaled digital customer success?

04:39 How DropBox scaled through customer success

06:36 How to use data to improve your customer success motion

09:03 The magic method behind improving adoption and retention

11:40 Increasing adoption and retention through scaled digital customer success

13:43 What made DropBox such a great product?

15:19 How DropBox successfully retained customers through experimentation

18:48 Scaling a customer success motion via headcount and technology

20:21 The winning principles of a customer success manager

Connect with Josh - https://www.linkedin.com/in/jneal10/

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