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How To Build B2B Brand Awareness Through Video Content - Alex Minor, Owner of Eye AM Media

How To Build B2B Brand Awareness Through Video Content - Alex Minor, Owner of Eye AM Media

The B2B content meta is about to change.

LinkedIn is getting its very own short-form video section.

We all knew this was coming.

And with a potential TikTok ban on the horizon, there’s a whole new market of buyers that will now turn to LinkedIn for their scrolling needs.

The time to invest in video is now.

Today’s guest knows what it takes to succeed in a video-first content world.

Alex Minor is the owner of Eye AM Media - a video production & marketing agency for small businesses, coaches and entrepreneurs.

Just like many creatives that make waves on LinkedIn - Alex quickly realized that being a full time creator is typically not financially feasible, so he started using his talent to help us corporate types generate revenue.

Some say that starting a podcast in 2024 is inefficient due to an oversaturation of interview-based content. Even though 2020 had many people starting their B2B shows, the reality is most of those projects have grinded to a halt a long time ago. Most podcasts don’t make it past episode 8 - and the amount of people starting podcasts has decreased dramatically, meaning many niches are still being underserved and ripe for the picking.

The idea that video content will immediately generate leads can lead to bitter disappointment. Building an audience takes time, consistency and experimentation, but the good news is you’ll be building your brand with every piece of content you release, and once you have an audience hooked - you’re ready to start generating revenue.

You don’t need to buy a course in video creation to succeed. The great thing about social media is that you can look for inspiration that’s publicly available and learn best practices while finding your own voice and style. When asked about companies that are creating great content, Alex mentions the work of Milanote and Descript.

Tune into the full episode to learn how to navigate a video-first content world!


03:26 Should you create B2B video content?

04:38 B2B Content is a long term strategy.

06:51 Which B2B companies are making great content?

08:25 How to create a B2B media brand

10:54 Converting audience into pipeline

11:52 The secret method to increasing reach

15:20 Hacking the algorithm through daily posting

18:57 What aspects of your content matter most?

20:05 Long form vs short form video content

22:53 Should you try to go viral?

25:34 What content performance metrics matter?

27:37 How to hire a content marketer or head of content

Connect with Alex - https://www.linkedin.com/in/alexminor/

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