Empowering Sales with Warmly: Revolutionizing Engagement for SDR Managers

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November 29, 2023

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Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) are no strangers to the challenges of email marketing. Often, they find themselves dealing with an 8% click rate and a discouraging 0.5% response rate. As AI and security bots increase, these percentages become even less reliable. Security bots are now preemptively clicking on links to check for viruses, and it turns out that around 50% of clicks are made by anti-scam detections.

If you're relying on traditional email marketing platforms like Outreach or HubSpot to measure your success, you're not getting the full picture. These statistics don't differentiate between legitimate prospect engagement and bot interference. It's crucial to de-anonymize your website traffic to understand which clicks are genuine.

At Warmly, we offer a solution that helps you identify the companies that are genuinely engaging with your website. We don’t just want to boost your numbers, we aim to make them meaningful by telling you who and what companies are on your website. We're advocating for the use of intent data providers such as ourselves to give you a realistic and actionable understanding of who is genuinely interested in your content.

The power of this strategy is magnified when you incorporate a proxy relay. When prospective clients click your link, they are first directed to a relay endpoint that gathers crucial intent data. This is like having an insightful detective working for you, helping differentiate between a bot and genuine human engagement. This practice enhances the value of your click data significantly. As an SDR, understanding which companies are visiting your site provides you with a more targeted, efficient, and effective approach to lead generation and engagement. It allows you to prioritize your efforts toward prospects that are already demonstrating interest, enhancing your ability to convert leads into sales.

Now, you might be asking, "How can I ensure my emails aren't flagged by bot detection systems?" One significant factor is personalization. Cookie-cutter emails are more likely to get flagged by these systems. In contrast, personalized emails are often rewarded and allowed through as they're perceived as more genuine.

Warmly can empower your sales team to craft personalized emails based on a user’s intent. Our system gives you insights into what users show interest in on your website. For instance, if a user spends time on the pricing page, we give you the tools to tailor your communication to their demonstrated interest.

What does this look like in practice? Avoid cookie cutter language and make it personal to your recipient. If you’re writing about someone’s pricing page, try adopting the language: “Hey [Name], we saw that you were checking out our pricing page. Is [company name] in the market for a chat?” Imagine being able to send a timely, personalized follow-up email immediately after a prospect leaves your site. This is exactly what Warmly offers. We've moved beyond the outdated model of simply maximizing email volume and instead focus on maximizing engagement.

We're reinventing the way sales teams connect with prospects by using intent signals to create customized emails. We've even tested adding personalized postscripts (P.S.) to make your emails feel more authentic and human.

The reality of sales today requires a smarter approach. Mass email blasts might reach more people, but they often fail to make meaningful connections. Instead, Warmly opens the door for intelligent engagement. With our intent-driven insights, you can craft personalized messages that not only reach your prospects but resonate with them too.

Warmly is not just a tool; it's a strategy for a more effective, personalized sales approach. It's time to step into the future of sales with Warmly, where every click counts, and engagement is king.