Visitor Identification Software: Top 11 Platforms For Capturing Warm Leads

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February 14, 2024


Visitor Identification Software: Top 11 Platforms For Capturing Warm Leads

Discover the top 11 visitor identification software platforms for capturing warm leads. Just from our experience Clearbit and 6sense stand above the rest in terms of quality and coverage of data, so look for vendors that partner with these two.

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January 12, 2024

Alan Zhao

Head of Marketing

Visitor Identification Software: Top 11 Platforms For Capturing Warm Leads

How many people are visiting your website each month?

Most marketers can answer that without a lot of trouble. You jump into Google Analytics or Google Search Console (or basically any other website analytics tool), and it's likely to be one of your top reports.

But what about this one:

Who are the people visiting your website each month?

That, for many, results in a question mark.

That’s also what visitor identification software is designed to answer. 

Being such a valuable asset, it's of little surprise that the market for visitor identification software is teeming with options.

Which one is best for your use case?

That’s what we’re going to help you find out with our guide to the top 11 visitor identification software solutions for identifying prospects and capturing warm leads.

What Is Visitor Identification Software And What Is It For? 

Visitor identification software tells you who is browsing your website, when they’re doing it, and what pages they’re looking at.

The degree of precision with which a given software platform can achieve this goal varies. The “What content are they engaging with?” question isn’t so difficult. Uncovering the exact person who is on your site is a little harder.

It's not a perfect science, but there are ways for you to improve your visitor identification.

For instance, with Warmly enabled on your website, you’ll be able to uncover 15% of contacts that visit your site and 60% of companies. That’s without you doing anything.

If you start sending outbound emails with Warmly with a bit of tracking code embedded, you’ll be able to identify even more.

11 Best Visitor Identification Software Platforms 

1. Dealfront (formerly Leadfeeder) 

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Dealfront is a European-based go-to-market platform, perhaps better known by its previous name: Leadfeeder.

In fact, Leadfeeder was acquired by investment firm Great Hill Partners, who also acquired Echobot, merging the two solutions into Dealfront.

Leadfeeder brought the website visitor intelligence side of the equation, while Echobot’s sales intelligence, prospecting tools, and CRM integrations round out the suite.

Why Dealfront (formerly Leadfeeder) Is A Good Option

Dealfront is popular in Europe, which makes sense, given they’re based there.

Basically, it looks like they’re trying to create the ZoomInfo (more on them later) of Europe. All of their contact data is in the EU, and even commentary from leadership is pretty ambitious:

“We want to be the biggest in Europe….It’s going to take a few years, but I think we’re succeeding…We have long had customers all over the world.  After the merger, we will be able to offer something that no one else can.”

Unique(ish) in the market is that Dealfront offers a free tier rather than a trial, though it comes with some severe limitations:

  • You can only seed data from the last seven days
  • A maximum of 100 identified companies monthly

Where Dealfront (formerly Leadfeeder) Falls Short

It’s tough to predict what’s going to happen from here on out.

Mergers like this occasionally produce market-leading whales. More often, they lead to a halt in innovation and just another clumsy product in an already busy market.

We’ll wait and see, but here’s what we can say in terms of cons right now:

  • Website deanonymization is very limited, with no timelines or further information other than “this company visited.”
  • Company data isn’t as good as market leaders like 6sense

Dealfront (formerly Leadfeeder) Pricing

As of writing, Dealfront’s pricing model is still broken down into the two tools.

For Leadfeeder, it's either the not-that-usable free plan, or the paid plan at €139 a month. For their “Sales Intelligence” stack (so, Echobot), pricing is custom-built.

2. Lead Forensics 

(Image Source)

Lead Forensics is another point solution for website visitor identification. Starting up back in 2009, they seem to have been around the longest.

Why Lead Forensics Is A Good Option

Lead Forensics is a well-known name in the visitor identification software space, mostly because they’ve been around so long.

They’re London-based, so data across Europe and the UK is a strength compared to US-based solutions, but that’s about it.

Where Lead Forensics Falls Short

The fact that Lead Forensics is a legacy platform tends to work against it more than it does for it.

In sales conversations at Warmly, we’ve heard a lot of complaints about Lead Forensics’ data quality being poor and not super detailed.

Their integrations aren’t up to scratch, and it appears they aren’t really innovating.

Also, being a tool that dates back to 2009, the UI feels a little clunky and dated.

Lead Forensics Pricing

Lead Forensics has two tiers (Essential and Automate) but doesn’t share any details about what they cost—common among legacy tools.

3. Clearbit 

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Clearbit is one of the most well-respected names in contact data and intelligence.

They were recently acquired by HubSpot, which is a bit of a game-changer for Clearbit (for good and for bad).

Why Clearbit Is A Good Option

Clearbit does a lot more than just website visitor identification; they’re also a best-in-class sales intelligence platform and have seriously good contact enrichment.

They also have a fantastic prospecting tool for identifying buying committees.

What’s most intriguing about Cleabrit right now is that they were recently acquired by HubSpot.

If you’re a HubSpot user, this is great news. It means you pretty much get your CRM enriched (once the whole acquisition and integration process is complete).

But it does have a downside.

Where Clearbit Falls Short

Using Clearbit now pretty much requires you to use the HubSpot CRM.

For example, as soon as you sign up for a free trial, it asks you to integrate your HubSpot account. This is a huge departure from where Clearbit came from, which was essentially just an API for data access.

If you’re using any other CRM, then Clearbit is unlikely to be a valid contender for you into the future.

The other big drawback with Clearbit as a standalone tool is that it lacks strong out-of-the-box playbooks for sales workflows. It’s always been a developed-focused tool, which you can then plug into your existing enablement and engagement tools.

This might change with the HubSpot acquisition, however.

Clearbit Pricing

Clearbit has a really basic free plan and charges between $50 and $275 a month, depending on the number of “credits” you need.

4. Leadinfo 

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Leadinfo is another visitor identification tool undergoing a lot of changes.

They were recently acquired by, who describe themselves as “an ecosystem of successful brands working together across regions to provide customers with everything they need to succeed online.”

Take from that what you will.

The “ecosystem” has been steadily gobbling similar companies:

  • Leadinfo acquired intent-based sales engagement platform Leadcamp to expand lead engagement functionality 
  • was added to the mix to expand the company’s integrations to well-known tools like Slack, Salesforce, and SalesLoft

This is clearly a space that’s undergoing a lot of consolidation right now. Point solutions that only deanonymize traffic are no longer sufficient; companies need engagement features and intent data as well.

Why Leadinfo Is A Good Option

The truth is that Leadinfo doesn’t look all that different from the Leadfeeder component of Dealfront.

They’re Europe-based, offer basic visitor identification, and have been recently acquired, which brings with it the rocky territory of having to stitch multiple tools together.

Pricing is super transparent, which is a nice change in this vertical.

Where Leadinfo Falls Short

As of writing, Leadinfo doesn’t do much other than simple website deanonymization.

That might change with the merges in play, but right now, customers are still left with the problem of what exactly to do with the information they’ve gained.

Leadinfo Pricing

Leadinfo offers transparent pricing and operates on a usage-based model.

This is great for smaller organizations, who’ll pay €49 per month for 100 website visitors. But it does mean that your costs scale quickly as you do. At 10,000 visitors, you’ll be paying €499 monthly.

5. VisitorQueue 

(Image Source)

VisitorQueue is a somewhat unique solution here in that it’s focused more on the marketing than the sales use case.

Why VisitorQueue Is A Good Option

VisitorQueue has two main cards to play:

  1. Website visitor identification
  2. Website personalization

The second one is what makes them unique in this space: you can personalize website content based on demographic information (once you’ve identified the visitor, of course).

Other pros include a decent number of integrations for building a connected tech stack and decent visitor data that’s more granular than solutions like Leadinfo or Dealfront.

Where VisitorQueue Falls Short

Being marketing-focused, VisitorQueue isn’t the ideal solution for the sales team.

It doesn’t offer any sales automation or engagement functionality. You’ll have to stitch it together with a sales engagement solution like SalesLoft or Outreach.

VisitorQueue Pricing

VisitorQueue pricing is complex but transparent.

You pay based on the number of monthly visitors you’d like to deanonymize (from $31 to $239 a month), then add $159 a month if you want website personalization functionality as well.

6. Snitcher 

(Image Source)

Snitcher is another website visitor identification software solution based out of Europe.

The unique difference with this tool is that it is primarily used by agencies who want to identify website traffic on behalf of their clients to attribute traffic growth to marketing campaigns.

Why Snitcher Is A Good Option

Snitcher is quite affordable, starting at just $39 a month. They have a usage-based model, so you pay based on the number of visitors you identify.

They also offer an IP to Company API, so you can just use Snitcher as the data source for your self-built tool.

Where Snitcher Falls Short

Like many of the visitor identification tools mentioned on this list, Snitcher doesn’t offer any data enrichment, third-party buyer intent data, or sales workflows and playbooks.

Snitcher Pricing

Pricing starts at $39 a month for up to 100 company identifications and scales up from there based on usage.

7. Happierleads 

(Image Source)

Happierleads offers four products:

  1. Reveal - Visitor identification
  2. Prospector - Contact database
  3. Engage - Email and LinkedIn outreach
  4. Enrich - An API for contact data enrichment 

Interestingly, it's also available as a white-labeled tool built for the agile B2B marketing and sales team.

Why Happierleads Is A Good Option

The unique thing about Happierleads is that they appear to offer LinkedIn sequencing.

I say appear because they say they do, but don’t really offer any insight into how they do it.

For example, Warmly offers LinkedIn sequencing as part of our sales outreach functionality, and that’s sequenced through our partner Salesflow.

Beyond that, they’re another option for website visitor identification but don’t really offer anything unique in that regard.

Where Happierleads Falls Short

The biggest issue that appears with Happierleads is that their database is quite small, at just 180M contacts and 70M.

Best-in-class tools have contact databases in the billions.

They are an English company, so it's likely to be Europe or just UK-focused data. 

In any case, the database is limited for teams past a certain size, though Happierleads appears to be targeting the SME market anyway. 

For example, they don’t have any integrations and seem eager for you to use their own engagement platform rather than integrate with a point solution. 

They’re missing the AI chat functionality to round out sales engagement.

Happierleads Pricing

Happierleads is relatively cost-effective, with pricing starting at $120 a month.

8. Factors 

(Image Source)

Factors is a solid website visitor-tracking software with some unique revenue attribution functionality.

Why Factors Is A Good Option

Factors is built for the marketing team.

You start out with optimizing ads and learning about the customer journey. Factors also offers some solid reporting and marketing campaign attribution.

Marketing intelligence and contact data come from Clearbit, so it’s best-in-class, and they also have some seriously good integrations (such as G2 and 6sense).

Where Factors Falls Short

Being focused on the marketing use case, Factors isn’t ideal for sales teams.

For example, they don't have sales engagement functionality like email outreach.

Factors Pricing

Factors has a fairly usable free plan (actually free, not a trial), with more well-equipped paid options starting at $149 per month.

9. ZoomInfo 

(Image Source)

ZoomInfo is a beast in the account-based marketing space. Anonymous website visitor identification is just one arrow in their very stocked quiver.

Why ZoomInfo Is A Good Option

ZoomInfo is a full-stack GTM solution.

They’ve got visitor identification, intent data, marketing and sales ops features, and even a talent outreach and hiring suite.

The short answer to why ZoomInfo is a good option for visitor identification is this:

You’re already using ZoomInfo for something else.

Beyond that, it's not really a place to begin, and it’s certainly not suitable for startup sales plays or most small businesses.

Where ZoomInfo Falls Short

Aside from the fact that ZoomInfo is by far the most expensive tool on this list, a big drawback is that the buyer identification doesn’t actually tell you the exact person unless they’ve clicked a form or other link you’ve sent them.

Other solutions—Warmly, for instance—can help you identify exact site visitors without using previously-installed tracking code.

ZoomInfo Pricing

ZoomInfo creates custom pricing packages, which is pretty much the standard for such large tools.

What we do know is that most companies are paying at least $40k to set up workflows in ZoomInfo, with many annual bills digging into six figures.

10. Albacross 

(Image Source)

Albacross is yet another European visitor recognition solution. It does well at that, but not a lot else.

Why Albacross Is A Good Option

Albacross is a very widely-used tool for capturing warm leads. Many of our own customers have come over from Albacross.

Their integrations are good on the CRM front (HubSpot, Salesforce, etc.), but they don’t connect with outreach tools, which is a challenge for sales teams.

They also have a unique LinkedIn ads integration, and partner with Bombora (like Warmly) to enhance visitor identification with buyer intent data.

Where Albacross Falls Short

The biggest complaint we hear about Albacross is that their filtering isn’t as good.

For example, when Inbox Pirates approached Warmly to solve visitor identification, they found that Albacross would tell them someone visited from a company like Apple when it simply wasn’t true.

Beyond that, reports are that their data isn’t as robust as other solutions, and the big issue is that there is no SDR layer with sales outreach functionality. 

You can uncover who is on your website (with varying accuracy), but where do you go from there?

Albacross Pricing

Pricing for Albacross begins at €139 per month.

11. Warmly 

Warmly (yours truly) is a unique solution in this space.

Yes, we do visitor identification, but that’s only the beginning.

We believe that point solutions like Albracross and Leadfeeder don’t provide enough value to modern GTM teams. They tell you who is visiting your site but don’t give you much in the way of what to do with that information.

Warmly changes that.

Why Warmly Is The Ideal Visitor Identification Software Platform

Let me walk you through a typical workflow using Warmly, to help you understand the difference between us and other alternatives discussed here:

  • A prospect from a target account lands on your website and is automatically anonymized using Warmly
  • Contact data enrichment from best-in-class sources like 6sense and Clearbit, as well as third-party buyer intent data from Bombora tell you the makeup of your target account, who is involved in buying, and what intent signals they’re showing
  • All of this data, along with insights into what content the visitor is engaging with, is synced back to your CRM and sales engagement stack
  • The prospect is added to email and LinkedIn outreach sequences, tailored and personalized based on the data you’ve gathered
  • AI chat on your website takes care of instant visitor engagement. When buying intent looks hot, a sales rep is notified via Slack integration and can take over the chat and even instigate a live video call.

Naturally, Warmly integrates with all of the tools you’re already using to execute sales playbooks.

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Why Warmly Might Not Be A Good Fit For You

At Warmly, we’re creating a new category

Account-based orchestration.

It’s about surround-sounding a prospect using an omnichannel approach, driven heavily by AI and automation and best-in-class contact and intent data.

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The key is that account-based orchestration is accessible to the SME, who typically doesn’t have the budget for all-out account-based marketing plays.

Which brings us to our drawback. 

Since we serve the SME market, we aren’t yet fully supporting the enterprise market with some of the features and integrations they’d ask for.

Warmly Pricing

Warmly offers 3 different plans:

(Image Source)

The majority of our customers are on the Business plan at $850 a month (billed annually). 

However, we know that many SMEs just want to get up and running. That’s why we built a seriously usable free tier.

You can get started with a free account right now without having to speak to a sales rep, so you can dive in and start seeing revenue growth immediately. 

Get started for free here.