200% ROI Within 6 Months of Deployment

Impact: 10-15% improvement in funnel conversion rate, an extra 1-3 customers a month, and an estimated 3-5X return on investment for the year.
Basile Sensei
Chief Revenue Officer

Basile Senesi, Chief Revenue Officer at Arc, shines a light on the firm’s - “site visitor black box” and frees up sales reps to do what they do best by automatically identifying web visitors and adding them to sequences, all with Warmly.

“Timing is everything. It's really cool to be able to track visitors to specific pages and have our sales leader say, “Hey, anyone who landed on this landing page, go get 'em.” It's a pretty cool one-two punch.”

Meet Arc, the purpose-built banking platform empowering venture-backed startups with modern financial products

Arc is an innovative banking solution that helps modern startups better manage their idle cash, blending the elegant UI and UX of modern FinTech products with the confidence and security that the balance sheets of traditional banking options (like JPM Chase or Wells Fargo) offer, meeting the strict requirements that boards often impose.

Basile Senesi, Arc’s Chief Revenue Officer, knows they’re playing in a competitive space:

“These founders are busy. There are a lot of people chasing the same eyeballs.”

For Basile, a unique and personalized (yet scalable) approach is the backbone of Arc’s GTM strategy, stretching right down to team structure:

“I'm the flavor of CRO that is basically rolling marketing and sales into one function.

We don't technically have account executives. We have what we call relationship managers. You can think of them as end-to-end account owners. 

So, they are the first touch that a customer typically gets when they're in the sales process. And then they manage that account post-acquisition through its life.”

Wrapped around the RM role in Arc’s GTM team are:

  • SDRs: The engine that drives the prospecting funnel for our relationship managers—responsible for cold outreach, managing inbound leads, handling referrals, etc.
  • Client services: High-touch customer support that pairs one-to-one with RM’s, acting as frontline defense for customer issues and queries.
  • Marketing: A team of one helping feed the SDR engine by owning social, search, PR, events and web.

All three functions are focused on getting in front of the very best customers at the right point in their life cycle and then staying top of mind.

Arc’s tech stack is critical to making this a reality:

“Having the right tools for us to be able to identify who's engaging and then very seamlessly and easily stay top of mind has been a very important priority for us and a real linchpin to our success in business.”

Of course, this only makes sense if you know that the strategies you’re pursuing are actually influencing new customer acquisition.

Without accurate visibility, Arc’s attribution and prioritization were closer to a “best guess”

“The problem we had was attribution. Trying to get enough conviction that the various marketing strategies we were're pursuing was are influencing and ultimately helpful to us acquire customers.”

Attribution is challenging across the board, but especially so for early-stage companies.

When you’re a startup, and your tech stack isn’t mature enough, you simply don’t have a lot of visibility into what’s going on in the middle of your funnel. 

You can track things like form fills, and obviously, you know when someone becomes a customer. But going from web traffic to social engagement to conversion down the funnel is harder to attribute with an early-stage startup sales tech stack.

Of course, it's not just about tracking the impact of these touchpoints but doing so with enough agility that sales reps can pounce when intent is high, and the prospect is warm.

“What we wanted to be able to do, very simply speaking, is have people land on our website, and then in near real-time have our sales teams prioritize those people when they're the right fit for our products.

We're doing several thousand unique site visitors per week. Some are interested in our product, while others may be interested in things that are tangentially related to our product. We needed to understand not just who was visiting our website, but also what they were seeing and what content they were engaging with so that we could condition how we spoke to them.”

Building the right tech stack to support Arc’s GTM motion, then, was an obvious focus point.

Basile’s search for real-time, integrated visitor identification 

An immediate qualifier was whether or not a given solution could plug into the existing tech stack without disturbing existing workflows:

“It needed to work inside of Salesforce, clearly. It needed to drop into our Outreach sequences. And it needed to live in Slack where our SDRs already live.”

But that was only half the battle. 

Arc looked at a few different vendors and options for solving its identification and attribution issues but struggled to tie the patchwork solutions together.

“Most of the options on the market were either latent or they were really marketing-focused and not conducive to our SDR-focused workflows. We tried to find a way to solve the latency issue and invest in making the workflow make sense for us but it proved to be costly, both on the software front and in terms of the dev effort it would require.”

The latency problem meant that Arc’s sales team couldn’t be proactive and agile enough to get in touch with target prospects right when they were engaging with website content and showing buying signals.

Having exhausted that route, a timely recommendation and a strong endorsement from one of Arc’s key investors led Basile to Warmly.

Zero to 100 in under 30 days 

“At the time that we approached Warmly, we wanted to get better at following up on web traffic, but it wasn't easy for us to do that. It wasn't happening frequently enough.”

No stranger to implementing new software solutions, Basile knew that a crawl>walk>run approach was the way to go, starting with site visitor identification.

“The challenge with a lot of these tools, especially for a company like ours, is that we don't want to put in the time. We want to take it out of the box and have it doing what it's supposed to right away. I've learned to expect that not to be the case software typically works.”

What he didn’t anticipate was just how quickly he and his team could get Warmly up and running and delivering ROI.

Within the first week, Arc had:

  • Set Warmly up in the existing Salesforce/CMS/email structure
  • Trained sales reps (one at first, then expanding to the whole team)
  • Integrated with Slack to drop notifications where the SDRs live
  • Built out web traffic notifications (who they are and what they’re looking at)

“I was pleasantly surprised — the Warmly implementation was easier than I expected. It was three or four hours of internal setup work.”

Phase two involved enabling the web chat to identify users so Arc could personalize website engagement. The final phase involved automating the addition of those identified users into the various email sequences, and sales engagement plays Arc’s SDRs run.

“We realized that there's a lot of rinse and repeat involved here. Automating this away — taking web visitors and adding them to sequences — freed up our sales team to be able to do what they do best. That's proven to be the most valuable part, freeing up our sales reps' time to do higher value, higher leverage stuff.”

All of that being accomplished in the first 30 days meant that Arc could start seeing ROI before the quarter was up.

Double or nothing: 200% ROI in 6 months flat 

Rolling out implementation in a quick-fire, iterative, Agile-esque way meant Basile could start seeing value out of Warmly almost immediately. 

“First off, getting awareness of the composition and the makeup of our traffic was really helpful. It allowed us to quickly schedule time with companies that either we would have let slip or would have taken longer for us to convert because it would have been asynchronous. We definitely got a few customers just out of that.”

In 90 days, Arc was breaking even on their investment, doubling to 200% ROI by month six.

As it stands today, Basile estimates Warmly’s impact on Arc’s revenue engine as:

  • 10-15% improvement in funnel conversion rate
  • An extra 1-3 customers a month
  • 3-5X return on investment for the year

Bonus round: Basile’s top takeaways for revenue leaders 

Before we let Basile get back to driving revenue success at Arc, we asked him one final question:

What are the top three things that people like you should use Warmly for?

  • Accelerating your sales cycle by knowing who is interested and when.
  • Getting better at personalizing your messaging and in turn, improving your conversion rate because you know what people are looking at and engaging with.
  • Improving the effectiveness and efficiency of your SDR team by deflecting things that can be automated away from their day-to-day.

Sound like what you’re after? Chat with our team to learn how Warmly can help you start accelerating sales cycles in days, not months.