Warm Intros Via Connect The Dots

Lead To Meeting


Your sales team has an omni-channel approach to sales, but you would like to incorporate warm introductions into your daily or weekly sales workflows. Using Warmly’s Connect The Dots integration, you will be able to easily find and email potential connectors in your network that are connected to key individuals at accounts visiting your website.

Warmly’s Connect The Dots integration is a powerful feature to add to your existing sales motion. The Warmly recommendation is to add a 15- or 30-minute calendar event to your sales team’s calendar each week, and during that time your sales team will look through ICP companies that have been visiting your website and email potential connectors to receive warm introductions into those high-intent accounts.

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This playbook was created by Ryan Beyer, Head of Customer Success at Warmly. Please reach out to his email at [email protected] with any questions or feedback.