Warmly vs. Drift

Warmly is a more affordable Drift with the addition of automating personalized outreach via channels like email and LinkedIn.

All of Drift’s features that Warmly has

Account & Lead Scoring
Custom Lead Filtering
Inbound Chat Routing
Live Chat Tool
Custom Chatbots
AI Powered Chatbots
Conversational Landing Pages
Data Enrichment
Firmographic Routing
Advanced Routing
Salesforce Multi-Owner Routing
Salesforce Flex Routing
Video Messaging
Basic Reporting
Pipeline & Revenue Reporting
Conversations & Conversion Reporting
SOC2 Type II

We threw in a few features of our own that Drift doesn’t offer

Contact Level De-Anonymization
Third Party Research Intent Signals
Job Change Tracking
LinkedIn Integration
Out-Of-The-Box Data Vendors (Clearbit, 6sense, Bombora)
Live Video Chat
Live Session Replays
Audible Alerts
AI Outbound Chat
Warm Intros
Auto Emailing (Outreach, SalesLoft, Apollo, Hubspot)

For more context, take a look at some of the comparable features offered by Warmly and Drift:

‎Inbound Chat Workflows + Front End Chatbot

Warmly's inbound chat workflows, are a cost-effective, SMB focused alternative to Drift's conversational marketing function. These chat workflows operate through a customer-led interaction with a chatbot, guiding them through personalized conversations based on their responses, much like navigating a "choose your own story" book. 

With Warmly, users can customize these workflows extensively, including tailoring messages, defining potential responses, and specifying outcomes. Additionally, Warmly enables personalized workflows by leveraging visitor de-anonymization, allowing businesses to automatically activate specific workflows based on various criteria such as demographic data, intent signals, CRM criteria, and traffic sources.

(Front End)

(Back End Workflows)




Segment Targeting

In addition to segmenting by CRM data, Warmly enables segment target by demographic factors such as age, gender, or location, as well as firmographic data like company size, industry, and employee count. Another way Warmly customers can do it is by website behavior, including visit frequency, duration, and specific pages visited. Plus, third-party intent data can be leveraged to target users based on their search queries or keyword topics of interest.




Warmly's reporting really focuses on chat interactions and user engagement, detailing metrics like total chats and conversations, distinguishing between bot and human interactions. It also tracks engagement levels and user behavior beyond chats, covering link clicks, meetings booked, and emails captured. This comprehensive approach aids in evaluating chat workflow effectiveness and its impact on website engagement and conversions.

In contrast, Drift focuses on capturing data from conversations and visitors through its playbooks, tracking initiated conversations and engaged visitors. Drift emphasizes ROI measurement by assessing chat interactions' impact on website performance and conversions.



What’s The Difference?

There is clear overlap between what Warmly and Drift do, and for some features it is an apples to apples comparison. But the nuances are important and our roadmaps are pointed towards slightly different end goals. Here are some of the big picture differences between the two:

AI When Possible, Human When Necessary

AI should save you time, not detract from your customers’ experience. Warmly uses AI to do the upfront work like engaging prospects and filtering based on ideal customer profile data. But we loop in a real life human to make the interaction feel, well, more human. The moment someone indicates they want to speak to a Warmply rep, the relevant SDR is alerted and can jump in. 

So you get something like this...

Warmly inbound chatbot

‎Compared to something like this...

Drift Inbound Chatbot

Contact Level Data Enrichment

On average, Warmly de-anonymizes 15% of the visitors to your website (and 65% of the companies). We’re talking contact level data — name, title, company, LinkedIn profile, and email as well as account information like ICP fit and buyer stage. Basically, we hand you the warm leads and customer support information that you would otherwise spend valuable time on hunting down manually. 

Contact over Company

Drift provides company level, not contact level data. While company level intent data is great, knowing which individual is on your site opens the door to deeper buyer intent understanding and targeted introductions (more on that later). 

Get Notified

Plus, Warmly notifies you when a key contact is on your website, giving you the opportunity to hop online and engage them in a person-to-person live chat.

Leverage Your Chatbot, LinkedIn, Email, and Salesloft

Our inbound workflows include personalized AI chat on your sales reps behalf (triggered when a site visitor meets your set segment filters) as well as automated outbound follow-up sequences via LinkedIn, Outreach, and Salesloft. This helps SMBs avoid the rock-and-a-hard-place scenario of being rich in data but lacking in the headcount needed to properly utilize it.

Warmly Segment Targeting

Drift Segment Targeting

Built and Priced For SMBs

Price is a major constraint for most SMBs; it’s hard to find a cool $30K laying around to invest in a new tool, no matter how beneficial it might be in the long run. And as is the case with warm intro follow-up, SMBs are likely to be strapped for headcount. 

Our most basic paid plan is $5K a year. Integrations are also a top priority, drastically reducing the orchestration work that goes into managing an influx of data. AI is leveraged to supplement for additional SDRs, amplifying the efforts of scrappy sales teams without sacrificing the personalization of human touch. 

Launch In A Day

The process of onboarding with Warmly takes just one day (compared to Drift’s 30 day set-up period). We just need you to: 

Add Script Tag

Firstly, integrating Warmly into your website is as simple as adding a script tag. This step enables communication between your site and the platform.

Define Your ICP

By setting up detailed personas and identifying target accounts within your CRM, you help Warmly focus on the prospects that align closely with your ideal customer criteria.

Warm Intros

Warmly partners with ConnectTheDots, providing an integration that takes your website visitor data and injects it with the most powerful prospecting fuel of all: genuine personalized connection. 

Leverage Your Teams' Networks

By connecting your teammates’ personal email and LinkedIn information, you can see which of your colleagues are linked to key decision makers on your target accounts. Plus, the feature takes the guesswork out of which of these to pursue — The relationship strength feature indicates which of the surfaced connections is the strongest. Just hit the “ask” button to ask for a warm intro.

Take The Work Out of Saying "Yes"

We also provide templates that let you ask for a warm intro without needing your mutual contact to do the work (kind of like when you have a professor or boss sign a letter of recommendation that you’ve written). 

We do the legwork so you just have to hit a button.

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