Heat Up Your Sales Pipeline With Warm Calling

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November 29, 2023

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How many times have you made a cold call, hoping to hook an interested party, only to be met with an abrupt hang-up or a disinterested voice on the other end? Our Warmly senior sales development representative, Nabil, recalled one of the first times he ever called a person to make a sale. The receiver on the other side of the phone responded — excuse the language — “If you call again I’ll fuckin kill you and your family.” Oops, that was not an appreciated answer.

The traditional approach of outbound sales is shifting; cold calling is rapidly losing its effectiveness, as fewer and fewer people are picking up those unexpected calls.

Why? Because they're tired of unsolicited contact from companies they don't know or haven't shown interest in. In an era where personalization is key, it's hard to get someone's attention through a blanket approach. This is where Warmly steps in, presenting the future of sales calls with the concept of "warm calling."

Warm calling isn't just a trendy term, it's an evolution in how we conduct outbound sales. Instead of taking shots in the dark, warm calling is about calling people right when they’re on your busy. Their intent is high because they are at the top of your mind.

Remember those times you wished you could have a meaningful phone call with potential customers browsing your website? Warm calling makes this a reality. The best part is, you get to choose who you want to reach out to. Instead of spending your valuable time cold calling random prospects, Warmly equips you with the power to make informed decisions about who to contact.

Imagine this scenario. You're notified that someone from Asana is actively on our pricing page. This isn't just any random visitor; it's a potential customer expressing interest. With Warmly, you don't need to wait and wonder, you can warm call them immediately. The transition from a world of random names and companies to a realm of insights and prospects happens effortlessly with Warmly.

One of the most exciting aspects of warm calling is the potential for interaction. Unlike cold calling, which usually involves a monologue pitch, warm calling can include parallel browsing and real-time feedback from the potential customer, which means you can literally see where your users are on the pricing page. You can even turn on your camera for a more personal connection if you choose to.

Gone are the days of playing phone tag and matching calendars for a call. With Warmly's “Warm Calling” feature, you can chat with an SDR on your website in real time. The paradigm of cold calling is evolving; we now have the data to let you call at the right time, to the right person. Warmly gives you a chance to connect with prospects in a more personalized and engaging manner, redefining the outbound sales process.

The premise of warm calling is simple yet transformative: what if you could immediately call the person showing interest in your product? Cold calling may not be completely dead, but Warmly's solution offers a more compelling, user-friendly approach that's attuned to the evolving business landscape.

No longer are sales calls a game of chance. With warm calling, you're in control, and Warmly provides you with the right tools to make the most of every potential sales opportunity. It's not just a neat concept, it's a revolutionary approach that's making outbound sales more successful, one warm call at a time.