Screensharing on Zoom: Before and After

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November 29, 2023

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Selling online is hard. You used to be able to walk into a meeting, plug in your laptop to show the presentation, and just hang out with the prospect. It’s hard to feel like you can be successful at selling virtually when you’re juggling a million things at once.

One thing we’ve heard over and over from users of our Warmly add-on for Zoom is that having a professional background makes them feel like a newscaster. Presentations become more like the salesperson’s personal “Weekend Update.” You’ve got the funny and charismatic lead anchor with great lighting and not a hair out of place. Instead of a boring software demo, prospects got to watch a movie with a lead character, intriguing plot points, twists, and value propositions that help the prospect realize how you will change the way they do business.

Our mission is giving salespeople the basic tools to get creative and display their own personal brand in every call. That means being able to fully customize and adjust your in-meeting experience. Let’s compare how screensharing looked like before and after Warmly:

Before Warmly:

-record scratch- This screen might look familiar if you’ve ever presented virtually.
  • Lose the face-to-face connection when you have to screenshare in order to demo the software you’re selling.
  • Triple and quadruple-checking to make sure you don’t show the wrong tab, like your Salesforce window showing all the other prospects you’re meeting that day.
  • Kick yourself that you forgot to hide your Bookmarks Bar, and pray the client doesn’t notice the shortcut to Reddit on your work computer.

After Warmly:

  • Hover your visuals over your shoulder like a newscaster. If the prospect wants to learn more about pricing, one click will toss up the pricing slide of your presentation.
  • The Warmly app is now integrated with GIPHY so you can instantly throw a reaction GIF over your shoulder to sympathize with your prospect—or just make them laugh!
  • Meet your prospect where they are with a dynamic presentation that you don’t have to scroll through in the chronological order. Skip straight to the slides your prospect is most interested in based on your questions.


When your prospect is in back-to-back meetings with other sellers, you want to dazzle them with professional polish. Be remembered as the sharp-looking newscaster who commands both screen and attention.

Interested in reducing screensharing mishaps and uplevel your sales team? Check out our Pricing page to get a sense of what Warmly can do for your business.