Why Meeting Agendas Are an Essential Sales Tool

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November 29, 2023

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You know the importance of having a meeting agenda on sales calls. They save time, keep meetings on track, and minimize headaches. You might stick one in a calendar invite, or go over it verbally at the beginning, but then the meeting gets going and everything goes off track. The prospect rabbit holes into something random, and you end up discussing topics irrelevant to your goals for the call.

Warmly is introducing a way to magically hover your agenda over your shoulder during Zoom calls. It allows you to establish the agenda with the prospect at the beginning of the meeting, ask if there is anything else they want to address, then keep that agenda top of mind during the conversation and check things off as you go to make sure everyone stays on track.

Our drag-and-drop WYSIWYG editor is built into the Zoom App, so you can make changes on the fly, and it’s already making waves among our top sales users. Here’s how we have seen super sellers use the new Agenda feature to close more deals.

Pace Yourself

Having a meeting agenda is not just great for establishing credibility. It can also help set the pace for the meeting. Research found that top sellers space questions out during calls, while average sellers tend to fire off a string of questions early on. Rapport is part of the sales process too. Don’t be that person awkwardly trying to get through their question list while ignoring the conversation. Having a meeting agenda helps you keep that natural rhythm without losing sight of the finish line.

Show Off Your Expertise

Whether you are selling software or Subarus, trust is essential for achieving the sale, and establishing credibility is crucial. Having an agenda signals to the prospect that this is not your first rodeo, and allows them to trust you in guiding them through the sales process.

The perfect meeting agenda will be centered around the most pressing questions and pain points your prospect has—which is a subtle way to “show not tell” your client that you have a) done your research, and b) understand them/their company/the industry thoroughly.

Make It About The Prospect

Since this is a meeting about them, you should also ask if there is anything else they want to address. With the Agenda feature, you can add their input in the list in front of them, which helps the prospect feel ownership of the meeting and the success of your partnership. You can also drag-and-drop, reorder, check off, and add items mid-conversation as needed without having to fumble with another app and lose connection with the prospect.

Start With an Introduction

The first action item on any meeting agenda with a prospect should always be introductions. This gives everyone permission to orient themselves, see who else is in the meeting, and look for points of connection. You can streamline this process by adding a Warmly Nametag to your Zoom window with your name, location, a short bio, and even the local time and weather. (“Wow, I see that you’re in Colorado. How is ski season this year?”)

End With the Next Step

The goal of every sales meeting is, of course, getting to the next step. Putting it into the agenda will make sure you get to it. Towards the end of the meeting, you can say, “Looks like we haven’t covered ‘Next Steps,’ so let’s make sure we set up our next meeting.” We have seen some pro sellers just put “Schedule Next Meeting” on the agenda. The prospect will see it on the agenda and think, ‘Well it’s on the agenda, so we have to do it’—and makes it more likely they will.

Be More Efficient Overall

Meeting agendas are not just fantastic tools to use in prospect meetings. You can also use it internally to keep managers from rambling or keep team meetings from getting off-track. Salespeople spend an average 12% of their day attending internal meetings. Anything that will cut that down means more time for reaching out to potential customers. Go ahead, impress your manager at your next internal meeting, or surprise and delight clients at your next quarterly business review.

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